CFT 601

Carton/bundles palletizers.

The main benefits of these machines are heavy-duty construction, reliability, quick and easy maintenance, constant repeatability of the production cycles. The machines are supplied with a carton /bundle infeed from below, and with one or more pallets (in the multi pallet version) for palletizing products received from one or more packing lines. Single or multiple carton infeed are also available.

  • Cartons
  • Bundles
  • High flexibility
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Constant repeatability of the production cycles

CFT Group’s End of Line solutions featuring different speeds and capacities.

  • Painted steel structure with two columns to lift the truck loading / unloading layers. Two geared motor gearboxes controlled by frequency converter and encoder. Counterbalance in the columns to balance the weights.
  • Layer unloading plan with free rollers, double opening, motorized by geared motor and frequency converter (Inverter). Side and front guides pneumatically operated and manually adjustable. Motorized guide with inverter and encoder, for moving the layer.
  • Translator file / layer with horizontally moving pusher carriage with toothed belt. Motorization by SEW motor gearbox controlled by Inverter and managed by encoder.
  • Center beam for the layer pusher with liftable levers lever operated by SEWER geared motor controlled by Inverter and managed by encoder.
  • Lignostone layer pre-treatment plan with fixed lateral guides.
  • Row pre-trainer, width 700 mm, with 1st section for orienting the boxes and 2nd for forming the row. Modular strip with step-by-step operation. Two geared motors controlled by frequency converter.
  • Double band input packet spacing system. Geared motor controlled by frequency converter, guides and adjustable supports.
  • N. 1 retractable and pneumatic packer.
  • N. 1 central conveyor with motorized rollers. Structure in galvanized steel. Motorization with gearmotor controlled by Inverter. Adjustable feet. Adjustable side guides.
  • N. 1 palletizing program.
  • N. 1 stop guide for empty pallet retractable with pneumatic movement.
  • N. 1 motorized roller conveyor full pallet exit. Structure in galvanized steel. Motorization with gearmotor. Adjustable feet.
  • N.1 ground stopper for forklift.
  • Machine perimeter protection with Muting safety gate at the output and Reset push button.
  • Electrical installation, control panel and installation on the machine according to European standards (CE). Siemens S7-1200 PLC and operator panel TP 700 7 ”.
  • Pneumatic installation with safety valve
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