CFT 803

Depalletizers for layers.

The specific part of this machine is the gripping head that is different from project to project.

The guides on the 4 sides tighten around the layer of empty containers, lift it from the pallet and place it on a “belt conveyor”. This same head is able to take the cardboard sheet that is on the bottom of the pallet and between each layer of containers and place it in a warehouse. The same thing is done with the empty pallet once all the containers have been depalletized; it takes it and puts it in the dedicated warehouse.

These last two operations (picking and deposit of flaps and pallets) do not take place in all the depal. Sometimes the speed required is so high that the robot does not have time to execute them, and then it depalletizes only while other devices take care of interlocks and pallets.

After the layer of containers has been laid on the mat, it advances towards the extraction system which consists of a motorized bar which serves to transfer the bottles in a single row onto a table top conveyor.

  • Bundles
  • Hdpe Containers
  • Teflon components to prevent wear of internal cables as they pass through the joints
  • High resolution and absolute position encoder
  • Lubrication points easily accessible for maintenance
  • Safety guard around the machine, complying with CE standards

CFT Group’s End of Line solutions featuring different speeds and capacities.

  • 4-axis anthropomorphic robot.
  • Picking head suitable for gripping the products to be palletized or depalletized.
  • Head: gripper box.
  • Gripping: single and multiple.
  • Electronic control panel with operator panel.
  • Production max 8 cycles / minute.
  • Servomotors with incorporated brake, directly coupled to gearboxes.
  • Control panel with programmable set-up.
  • Pallet and product conveyors.
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