The new multi-frequency sorter DIONYSOS automatically removes all contaminants from the inlet stream and ensures the top-quality grapes to the wine process, up to a capacity of 12 ton/hour.

Dionysos is equipped with a multifrequency pulsed LED lighting system allowing to overcome the limits of the laser. This is made possible by the BLUEIGHT technology, a package of functions based on 8 different processed images obtained by pulsing in a sequence different lights. By this technology it won’t be necessary to install a different color belt to identify the items, or to sort them by flying on rotating luminous backgrounds.

Powered by the BLUEIGHT technology it removes all contaminants such as rotten grapes, stalks, leaves and, if requested, green grapes, any type of plastic, irrespective of the color, any kind of insect, dry grapes even if they have the same color of the good ones. By the Double Rejection System (air jet + air jet) the DIONYSOS can be configured as a 3WAY sorter, to reject on a separate stream the dry grapes, usually addressed to 2nd quality wines. Avoiding the 2nd late fermentation due to the dry grapes this sorter helps in keeping the sugar level under control.

  • Grapes
  • It captures images directly by the stream and check the adjustment’s results by the graphic interface
  • It analyzes the defects by means of HSL color analysis
  • It checks the chlorophyll content
  • It rejects by size (BLOB) and shape
  • The machine stops in case of animal detection (or a part of it)
  • It is able to detect transparent glass or plastic reject grapes with stem

A sorting machine which automatically removes all contaminants from the inlet stream and ensures the top quality grapes to the wine process, up to a capacity of 12 ton/hour.

  • Working capacity: up to 12 t/h.
  • Lenght of machine: 5.230 mm.
  • Feeder belt width: 1081 mm.
  • Sorting conveyor spped: 100-160m/min.
  • Optical resolution: 0.5 mm.
  • Reject channels: 112+112.
  • Reject channel pitch: 9 mm.
  • The new board image processing, even more powerful, compact and reliable that integrates the automation of machine: all in one case.
  •  The DIONYSOS, equipped with the SMART-JET driver card, makes sure that the array of 112+112 high speed valves, will be perfectly operational not only electrically, but also pneumatically.
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