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Discharge and hydraulic transport

Turn-key discharge and transport systems specifically engineered and manufactured for the Processing sector.

System designed to fulfil relevant needs of the tomato and fruit processing industry. Product can be received in boxes, bins or by gondola. In this latter case the discharge occurs flooding the gondola tub by means of adjustable hoses; in this way the outlet water gently floats the product out. The product is separated from the water by crossing an inclined grill cleaner that lets the product roll into a flume. each progressive flume contains cleaner water and washes while conveying the product to the processing lines. The group is equipped with a redler system to automatically take away stones, mud and foreign bodies.

  • Tomato
  • Fruits
  • High discharge capacity
  • The truck can be discharged while a second one gets closer and it is prepared to be discharged keeping the process working
  • Continuous discharge of stones, earth and whatever with no needs to stop the line for cleaning operations
  • Use of water with multiple levels of clenliness to get a progressive washing of the incoming raw product
  • Water saving by means of a water filtration system maintaining a high quality of finished product

CFT Group’s tomato paste line delivered to our customer “TOMATE DEL SUR”.

  • Overpressure air flow with forced ventilation (by HEPA filters) – different level of air filtration according to products requirements
  • AISI 316 for all parts in contact with the product
  • WORKING CAPACITY: from 25 up to 80 t/h
  • Single, double or triple rinsing turret (according to the treatment required for bottles, filler with automatic dummy bottles and capping turret to allow also caps treatment (washing or different sterilization treatments)
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