CFT Group patented Eldorado system for the enzymatic inactivation of fruits and vegetables.

Thanks to its high recirculation flow-rate and the special geometry of its patented heat exchangers, the Eldorado system can run at its maximum efficiency over long periods of time (over four weeks without intermediate clean-up), even in the presence of foreign bodies such as weeds, leaves, vines, etc. mixed together with the product.

  • All food products with enzymatic inactivation between 60°C and 110°C.
  • Preservation of organoleptic properties and colour of the final product allowed thanks to the vacuum process (when Installed).
  • Non-stop production (up to 5 weeks without intermediate clean-up).
  • Very low maintenance cost.

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  • Full inactivation of pectolytic pectinesterase and polygalacturonase enzymes (at temperatures higher than 105° C) allowing to obtain high quality products.
  • Achievement of inactivation temperatures in a very short time.
  • Working capacity from 450 t/h to 4800 t/h.
  • Increase in yields, intended as the ratio between fresh product and the obtained refined juice.
  • Almost full absence of clogging phenomena inside the heat exchangers thanks to their special annular section geometry.
  • Utmost ease of conduct, thanks to a dependable and simple process automation and supervision system based on a touch screen operator interface.
  • Modularity of the system which allows a wide range of set-ups, according to the required working capacities.
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