Gas Fillers

Speed up to 30.000 CPH. Specific fillers’ range engineered and manufactured for the introduction of gas into the cans already containing products (liquid and particulates).

Rotary machines specifically designed for the introduction of gas into the cans already containing products, dedicated specifically to the market for ready meals (obtained by mixing different bases of vegetables, tuna and sauces) to ensure optimum conservation by replacing air with an inert gas, and thus avoiding the use of  preserving liquids such as oil, brine, sauces etc.

  • Ready meals
  • Vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Tuna
  • Tin cans
  • Complete O2 extraction inside the can to allow the preservation of colour and organolptic properties of the product.
  • The filler is equipped with nozzles for the automatic washing at the end of production. The bells are raised allowing the spray nozzles to reach the internal areas. Nozzles, properly positioned, ensures the removal of any product that could be fallen, even when the machine is running.
  • Parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 316.
  • automatic centralized lubrication.
  • If the product consists of vegetables or sauces having small dimensions (corn, lentils etc..) the vacuum is gradually created in two steps to avoid the product could be sucked out from the caN
  • Machine available from 24 to 30 filling valves
  • Operating cycle:
  • Cans are transferred from the inlet star on the lifting plates.
  • Cans are raised until the bell’s closure.
  • The air in the bell is sucked through the collector of the vacuum circuit.
  • Injection of inert gas through the collector of the vacuum circuit.
  • Cans enter the tunnel that connects the filler to the seamer, and that is saturated with gas.
  • Cans reach the seamer where, before the operation of seaming, gas is injected between the lid and the cans.
  • Rotary group with valves equipped with stainless steel bell and tank for inert gas.
  • Collector / distributor for vaccum and gas
  • Sealed tunnel for can transfer, with gas injection nozzles to keep the cans in saturated atmosphere during the passage to the seamer
  • Liquid ring vacuum pump with tank in stainless steel
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