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Ginyus Swing Agitating Retort back and forth longwise inside.

The GINYUS SWING AGITATING RETORT moves the products back and forth during all the sterilization phase. The “swing” system guarantees the best heat transfer efficiency and a drastic reduction of Maillard effect thanks to the Total Flexibility Movement.

It is possible to set agitating recipes not only by setting the speed but also by setting the stroke length, the acceleration, the deceleration and a very effective set of multiple Stop and Go.

  • milk-based products
  • low acid drinks
  • high viscosity products like soups and creams
  • Every kind of packaging as cups, trays, pouches, bottles and cans
  • maximum product safety: external easy clean water filter and installed flow switch
  • simple installation, reduced footprint area and low maintenance/startup cost
  • No contamination of the product
  • Total flexibility in agitation movement and drastic reduction of the maillard effect

The Gynius Swing agitanting retort is ideal for Dairy products and excellent for all high viscosity products.

  • Total flexibility movement
  • No lubricated part inside retort
  • Processing of both water rain (WR) and mixed steam and air with fan (SA cycles)


  • Ideal for dairy products/excellent for high-density products
  • Built for heavy duty production cycles
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