Inline Weight Filler for Drums MOD.RAPP

Speed up to 200 CPH. Inline filler featuring specially enginereed and manufactured to fill drums up to 230 L.

The Inline weight filler is a drum filler specifically designed for oils or viscous liquids using electronic weight filling technology, with a filling capacity from 50 L up to 230 L.

  • Lube Oil
  • Drums
  • Rapid product changeover and cleaning system, with dedicated program
  • Ability for installation of labeller / coder
  • Machine controlled by PLC with simple and intuitive operator interface

Discover CFT Group’s Lube Oil filling solutions featuring our special fillers for drums Mod. RAPP, up to 200 L.

  • Machine available in 5/6/7 filling valves
  • Below neck filling.
  • Ability for connection to the line supervision system.
  • Availability of semi-automatic filler, where the de-bunging / closing / sealing operations are made by the operator manually through specific tools.
    It is composed of 7 working stations. A two-chain conveyor moves the drums from one station to the other, where the following operations are carried out in automatic mode.

    • Drum orientation, cap unscrewing and transferring to the capping station.
  • Tare weight data acquisition.
  • Rapid filling and slow filling for “net weight filling”.
  • Automatic cap screwing + screwing operation check.
  • Automatic feeding of the “trisure” seal.
  • Automatic sealing + sealing operation check.
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