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Depalletizers and palletizers for keg lines, either by means of robots or traditional portal systems.

Premium robots, sized according to the keg pallet layouts to be managed, complete with keg-seizing heads suitable for dealing with one or more kegs at a time, according to the keg configuration on pallets and keg line speed.
Portal type depalletizers and palletizers, or combined machines, suitable for depalletizing and palletizing a whole layer of kegs at the same time.

  • Beer
  • Cider
  • Sparkling and still wine
  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Kegs
  • Flexible solutions, according to the line configuration and output
  • High reliability and efficiency rates
  • Equipped with components of well-known brands, easy to find on local markets
  • After sales technical assistance available 24 hours, 6 days a week
  • Speed range: from 60 kph to over 1,200 kph


  • 4 or 6 axes robots for medium to high capacities and suitable loading capacity for the number and sizes of kegs they have to handle; complete with integrated electronic controller and keyboard. Robots can handle empty and full kegs, and pallets if required.
  • Automatic gripper change-over cycle, which allows the robot to choose and quickly connect to the gripper suitable for the keg type selected in the operator panel.
  • Keg seizing heads suitable for all sizes of kegs to be handled by the robot, provided with pneumatic grippers and control sensors. The grippers can pick up one or more kegs at the same time, depending on the line output, keg types to be handled and configuration of kegs on pallets.


  • Solid framework in painted steel, made up of separated elements;
  • Solid extruded section base where the other groups of the machine are fastened;
  • Height adjustable support feet;
  • Lifting system composed of two columns in box-type sheet with chain connecting the gripper structure at one end and two balancing counterweights at the other;
  • Horizontal translation of the gripper obtained by means of a toothed belt system;
  • Vertical movement of the gripper driven by frequency converter, controlled by means of positioning card with encoder and provided with safety sensors;
  • Keg layer deposit area with powered rollers;
  • Gripping head provided with four rubber grippers which guarantee the correct displacement of the whole group of kegs from the pallet;
  • Keg loading/unloading mobile table with rack shifting system;
  • Movement of the full keg pusher to load the mobile table obtained by means of continuous arm rotation;
  • Movement of the empty keg pusher installed on the mobile table obtained by means of toothed belt;
  • Mechanical protections on all sides to prevent the access to the machine during operation.
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