Macropak AF/2

Aseptic Filler of Industrial Bags/Bins/Drums/Pouches

Macropak AF/2 is an innovative aseptic filler, able to handle up to 3 different packaging formats.

The machine is designed for packing semi-finished or finished products, liquid or semi-liquid fluids, highly viscous products or those containing particulates. All of the aforementioned products are aseptically filled into 200 liter or 1000 liter pre-sterilized bags. Aseptic filling of 5 liter, 10 liter or 20 liter bags (pouches) is possible with the optional web fed kit conveniently mounted upon the AF/2 when that format is needed.

The AF/2 machine is the result of continuous improvement and ongoing research. The machine has been fully designed to integrate state of the art automation and mechanical systems.   The goal is to ensure trouble free operation in order to secure the advantages of a higher profitability and competitiveness, to meet the requirements of a market that demands quality and reliability at competitive prices.

  • Chunky particulate products
  • Homogeneous products  
  • Products containing long fibers
  • Highly viscous or highly liquid homogeneous products
  • Low and high density liquid foods
  • High acid and low acid liquid foods
  • 1000 liter Aseptic bags in Bin
  • 200 liter Aseptic Bag in drums (4 drums on a pallet)
  • 5-20 liter Aseptic pouches (optional)
  • Ability to fill 3 different formats (bags/bins/drums).

CFT Group’s Macropak AF/2 gets the F.D.A. compliancy.

  • Fastest Twin head filler on the market for the 200L format
  • Reduced field assembling and installation time.
  • 4 bags in drums on a pallet are filled over Motorized roller conveyors with reduced space between the rollers. The pallet is guided gently over the rollers that have a small pitch from one to the next and consequently faulty pallets are less likely to get stuck during the transfer.
  • Conveyor and fill head movements are controlled by electric motors with frequency converters.
  • No hydraulic power packs.
  • Reverseable pallet motion on both the rotating table and the straight roller set.
  • 2″ full passage long stroke fill valve. Ideal for filling products containing pieces.
  • Axial seal fill valve which guarantees a very tight seal, even with products containing pieces, long fibers, highly viscous or very fluid products.
  • Fill valve wash after each fill by means of a pressurized steam/condensate jet.
  • Weight control by means of highly accurate load cells.
  • Printer for labels
  • Remote connection via VPN
  • 85 bags / hour max (200 liters) coupled with tubular or plate sterilizer
  • 100 bags /hour max (200 liters) coupled with Flash Cooler
  • 20 bags / hour max (1000 liters)
  • Optional Kit for 1000 liter bin filling included
  • Optional Kit for low-acid products (pH>4,5)
  • Optional Kit for increased accuracy by mass or Magnetic flowmeter
  • Optional Kit for 2” spout
  • Optional WEB KIT: kit for automatic feeding of 5-20 literbags
  • Optional Chain conveyors instead of standard roller conveyors
  • Optional Allen/Bradley PLC and FactoryTalk HMI
  • Optional UL rating
  • Optional FDA testing and validation
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