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Macropak Magnum

Single-head aseptic filler.

Single-head or dual head aseptic filler for 200 and 1.000 L sterile bags with 3-inch aluminum foil hermetically sealed spout.

  • All liquid and viscous homogenous products, as well as large cross section particulate products with pH < 4,5
  • Optional kit for filling products with pH > 4,5
  • 1000 liter Aseptic bags in Bin
  • 200 liter Bag in drums (4 drums on a pallet)
  • Steam barriers protection on all dynamic moving points in aseptic area.
  • Steam/Condensate fill valve wash for spout cleaning at each filling cycle.
  • Operates exclusively with steam as the machine and the cap sterilizing agent

Transa’s complete tomato paste processing line by CFT Group.

  • 3″ full passage long stroke fill valve.  Ideal for filling products containing large pieces.
  • Vertical filling of bags inside drums. Ideal for reduced stress on 200liter bags.
  • Oil-free filler. All actuators are pneumatic.  Vertical Head travels vertically driven by a precision screw and motor with a frequency converter.
  • Compression during filling of 300 liter bags is controlled by dedicated load cells & software in order to maximize filling volume and reduce stress on 300gallon bag.
  • Easy format change from 2’’ to 3’’ spout.
  • Mini chamber for sterilization of each fresh spout is separate from the main chamber
  • Steam temperature control system inside the mini-chamber for spout and aluminum foil sterilization.
  • Accurate weight-control by load cells. Optional mass or magnetic flowmeter
  • Spout cutting knife easily replaceable during operation
  • Working capacity:
    30 bags / hr. (200 liters/55 gal)
    15 bags / hr. (1000 liters/300 gal)
  • Tamper evident hermetically sealed spout
  • Coated sealing head to minimize fouling
  • Optional Chain conveyors and rotary table instead of standard roller conveyors
  • Printer for labels
  • Remote connection via VPN
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