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Macropak RVL/2T

CFT Group aseptic bag filler.

Providing the utmost flexibility, reduced overall dimensions, along with a high level of process automation and control makes CFT Group’s Macropak RVL/2T the ideal machine for aseptically filling niche products such as organic or specialty foods.

Like all CFT Group’s aseptic fillers, Macropak RVL/2T utilizes steam as the exclusive sterilizing agent for the machine and cap, thus eliminating the possibility of product contamination.

  • All liquid and viscous products, as well as products with particulates with pH < 4,5
  • Optional kit for filling products with pH > 4,5
  • Aseptic Bags in drums (200liter)
  • Aseptic pouches (5-20 liter)

  • Excellent quality AND PERFORMANCE
  • Same “Top-of-the-market” filling head as CFT’s Macropak AF/2
  • 2″ full passage long stroke fill valve. Ideal for filling products containing pieces
  • Small footprint having reduced overall dimensions
  • Low utility requirements and maintenance costs
  • Ideal for niche products such as organics or specialty foods

Transa’s complete tomato paste processing line by CFT Group.

  • Utmost flexibility of both containers and caps: 5 liter to 200 liter bags, 1”and 2” cap
  • Vertical filling technology with Reduced Stress around the bag collar for optimum process safety
  • Non-powered stainless steel roller conveyors
  • Accurate weight control by load cells
  • Printer for labels
  • Remote connection via VPN
  • Automated weight control of fill cycle shut off


  • Optional Kit for low-acid products (pH>4,5)
  • Optional Kit for increased accuracy by mass or Magnetic flowmeter
  • Optional Kit for 2” spout
  • Optional WEB KIT: kit for automatic feeding of 5-20 liter bags
  • Optional drum clamp and electric hoist column for palletizing
  • Optional UL rating
  • Optional FDA testing and validation

Working capacity:

  • 112 bags / hr. 20 liter
  • 60 bags / hr. 200 liters
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