Macropak W2

Aseptic bags filler.

Macropak W/2

represents the highest degree of innovation currently available on the market of aseptic bag fillers with sealed cap coupled with the reliability and sturdiness typical of CFT’s manufacturing tradition. CFT Group is also able to provide it with a kit to turn the Macropak TM 2000/2 into a filler for bags with sealed caps.

  • All liquid and viscous products, as well as products with particulates with pH < 4,5.
  • Bags/Pouches
  • Filling of products with pH < 4.5 without the use of chemical agent, thanks to filling chamber and pre-chamber operating with pressure higher than atmospheric one, allowing the filling of products with pH < 4.5 without the use of chemical agent.

Transa’s complete tomato

paste processing line by CFT Group.

  • 2-inches full passage doser: ideal for high capacities and for filling fruit/tomato products containing dices.
  • Final cap washing with steam before sealing to assure absence of air under the valve.
  • Sealed cap: it ensures the total sealing of the aseptic bag over the time.
  • Newly-designed sealing head: the patented sealing head ensures a simple and quick replacement as well as extremely reduced fouling phenomena of the lower surface in contact with the cap.
  • Head pneumatic movements: the absence of hydraulic pistons means hygiene and cleanliness and, as a matter of fact, it avoids the risk of oil leakages in the filling section. The machine is entirely made of stainless steel.
  • Possibility of replacing the cap cutting blade during production.
  • Automatic feeding of the aluminium reeds to the filling head.Quick change-over when passing from 200 L to 1000 L format.
  • Twin-head filler: continuous filling and no recirculation of product resulting in top quality.
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