Master C Tech

Up to 72.000 CPH. Counter-pressure filling machine.


is part of the MASTER family. This new monoblock is based on proven counter-pressure filling technology paired with our «state of the art» seaming technology. It is suitable for the filling of carbonated beverages in both steel and aluminum cans. The same machine can be used to fill still products.

  • Beer/ Carbonated soft drinks
  • Cans
  • Fast product and format changeover for a very cost effective machine.
  • Fully automatic dummy can system.
  • Flowmeter filling technology with high fill point accuracy.
  • Brushless drive units. Servomotor operated infeed screw: it is possible to exclude one can in case of a problem with a single filling valve or seaming head.
  • Automatic I.M.T: during production, the In-Motion-Timer software  checks the phase of the chain conveyor between the filler and the seamer. If out-of-phase the software automatically  adjusts its position  without having to do it manually or electrically.
  • High quality seaming using all can types, tinplate, aluminium and downgaged materials.

Discover CFT Group’s

MASTER C TECH! CFT Group special filling machine for carbonated products featuring isobarometric flow meter technology.

  • Machine available from 28 to 120 valves
  • Speed range: from 24.000 to 90.000 CPH.
  • Product volume range: from 200 up to 1.000 ml
  • Possibility to upload: manuals, files, videos and photos. Intuitive operations: scroll, zoom.

Available in several configurations and for different speeds.

  • 19″ multi-touch screen. More power and memory than other standard operator panels: possibility to manage production reports, graphs, historical data, condition monitoring
  • External valve washing system and external washing spraying nozzles
Speed range: from 24,000 to 90,000 cph.
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