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Mecspray MS-R / Mecspray MS-P

MECSPRAY MS-R is a spiral coolers’ range working with water jets;
MECSPRAY MS-P is a spiral pasteurizers’ range working with water jets.

The packaged product to be thermally-treated is orderly placed on a flexible belt where the product remains motionless. The belt runs a spiral-shaped path where the product is subjected to a series of special water jets, hitting the product from the top and bottom. A water recovery and circulation system ensures limited water consumption.

The belt drive is based on a simple and reliable central drum system, operating with low-tension. The dwell time/speed of the belt is regulated with frequency variators.

The whole system is enclosed within a protection cabin (coolers) or insulated protection cabin (pasteurizers).

Each standard MECSPRAY MS-R and MS-P system can be individually configured to match customer needs and specifications.

  • Hot-filled products packaged in flexible or rigid containers: fruit juices, fruit purees, tomato based sauces, etc.
  • Food products packaged in flexible or rigid containers: diced fruits in heavy syrup, tomato sauces with pieces, etc.
  • Special nozzles (proprietary design) obtain product stirring, increase thermal exchange/production capacity and reduce electric energy consumption
  • No possibility of product contamination thanks to lubrication-free conveyor system
  • High mechanical reliability and stability of spiral conveyor
  • Reduced belt wear and elongation thanks to the drive system requiring low tensioning
  • No belt flipping tanks to proprietary software for automatic adjustment of belt tension
  • All water piping and spiral structures, including drum, made of stainless steel
  • Low cost of spare parts and maintenance activities due to utilization of high quality commercial components
  • WORKING CAPACITY: from 400 to 10,000 KG/h

CFT Group spiral solutions.

  • Spiral conveyor system available with ascending or descending design, clockwise or counterclockwise travel, with one or more drums and with belt inlet and belt outlet matched to customer workflow
  • The conveyor system accepts both stainless steel belts and modular plastic belts, which can be fitted with lane dividers and sideboards. For pasteurizing/heating applications the choice is restricted to stainless steel belts.
  • System dimensions can be adapted to the available space by changing the drum diameter.
  • Water heating with direct steam injection or heat exchangers (suitable for saturated steam) is available.
  • Single stage or multiple stage cooling is available, with tower-water and/or chilled water.
  • Water-proof protection cabins, made of stainless steel, fitted with opening panels (coolers).
  • Water-proof protection cabins, made of double-layer stainless steel, with internal rock wool insulation (pasteurizers).
  • A water treatment unit available is for antibacterial and anti-scale treatment.
  • Automation system featuring PLC, PC and Touch-screen interface used to select the working cycle and to set the work parameters (set-ups) in a user-friendly and intuitive way.
  • Remote control, storage of alarms and their retrieval or transfer to the management systems are available.
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