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Titano rotary coil

Complete and automatic processing system for the production of fruit-based products, bakery products, desserts.

The main unit of this plant is composed of a jacketed vessel operating with hot or cold water and a rotary coil heat exchanger located inside. The rotary coil causes agitation and mixing while heating with hot water or steam, or cooling when operated with water or chilled water. The unit is mounted on a platform with easy access for  the operator.

All the technological phases from ingredient feeding to final product are processed inside this vessel. All set-ups and process phases related to the final product are set by a simple and user-friendly automation menu that guides the production manager in the best practice for a wide number of recipes.

  • Excellent product quality
  • Ideal for batch evaporation
  • Dice integrity (in products containing diced fruit)
  • Large surface area for efficient heating/cooling.
  • Minimal product losses

Available options:

  • Aseptic version
  • Evaporator with additional chamber for foam separation
  • Operation under vacuum
  • Insulation
  • Jacket for heating (steam/ hot water) or cooling (water/ chilled water)
  • Direct Culinary Steam Injection
  • Fruit/vegetable purèe and concentrates
  • Harissa
  • Jams and Jellies
  • Marmelades
  • Fruit preparations containing starches and  pectin’s
  • Specialty products with high sugar content
  • TITANO achieves an effective mixing and uniform heating temperature of the product with minimal damage to the integrity of particulates
  • Extremely flexible unit, capable of preparing a variety of products with various recipes
  • Excellent heat transfer coefficient thanks to the rotary coil heat exchanger
  • Full control and regulation of various process parameters such as temperature, pressure and rotary coil speed
  • There are no scrapers causing risk of product contamination from materials subject to wear.
  • Minimum stagnation points to ensure excellent cleaning and sanitation
  • AVAILABLE SIZES : 600 – 1200 – 2400 – 3200 Liters

Complete overview about CFT Group’s product formulation technologies.

  • Extremely flexible unit capable to prepare different products with various recipes.
  • Excellent heat transfer coefficient thanks to the rotary coil exchanger
  • Working capacity: from 50 t/day up to 2.000 t/day.
  • Full control and regulation of various process parameters such as temperature and rotary coil speed.
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