Speed up to 40.000 CPH. Volumetric piston filler specifically designed for filling chunky products and products containing pieces

Powertech is a volumetric piston filler specially designed to gently treat product containing big pieces or large chunks. A suitable nozzle can fill the big particle safe and undamaged into the container. The machine ensures an excellent filling accuracy and constant product infeed.

  • Chunky products
  • Tin cans
  • Glass Jars
  • High flexibility in filling different food products.
  • Complete automatic set up of the machine from HMI.
  • Reduced installation time and space are required.
  • Synchronization worm-screw at variable pitch with quick disassembly design.
  • Motorization with servomotor and can-stop function.
  • Full automatic height adjustment of the volume ring and product bowl.

Here is Powertech: CFT Group’s volumetric piston filler for chunky products.

  • Machine available from 12 to 60 filling valves.
  • Heavy- duty construction for reliable and long life-time
  • Simple design for low maintenance and easy to operate
  • Centralized lubrication
  • Electro pneumatic no-can/no-fill device.
  • Micrometric adjustable filling volume: pistons stroke can be adjusted by lifting up/down of the driving cam to grant a correct filling volume (such an adjustment can be done also when the machine is running)
  • Lifting column of the filling volume cam synchronized with gear-motor
  • Self-drainable surfaces to keep the machine base clean
  • Liquid collection side drain with one single discharge point
  • Closed product tank ensures product safety
  • All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel
  • Product bowl: Thick bowl completely made of stainless steel with conical bottom
  • Product level control in the bowl by probe
  • Product temperature sensor into the product bowl
  • Contactless upper cover hygienic design, no dead points for great hygiene and cleanability
  • It works in 4 steps: product intake; valve closing; filling; stop filling
  • Product supply controlled by level sensor ensuring constant product infeed
  • Filling station composed of: vertical cylinder, plug with product feed ports, piston, filling nozzle
  • Complete automatic cleaning system without manual intervention
  • No valves or part to be dismantled during washing phase
  • Automatic bottom valve emptying system
  • Automatic washing system of the valves
  • Washing nozzles to clean all parts in contact with the product
  • Automatic self-draining of the cylinders
  • Washing programs controlled by machine HMI
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