X-RAY inspection machine able to check food products packaged in different kinds of containers.

Raybox is an X-ray inspection machine manufactured in two versions:

  • The Can version, designed to check food products packaged in tinplate cans, carton bricks and plastic containers. RayBox Can inspects the product with the X-Ray source aligned with the bottom of the containers. It features  a conveyor belt with a commercial chain made of plastic or steel.
  • The Panoramic version is manufactured for the inspection and checking of food products packaged in glass jars and glass bottles. The RayBox Panoramic examines the product by aligning the source with the cap and inspects both the body and the bottom of the containers. The conveyor belt on this version of RayBox is made of a material that is transparent to X-rays.

Both Raybox versions have the power to reject high density foreign bodies such as metal, glass, ceramic, stone, Viton rubber, etc. and to eject containers that are misshapen, that have fallen over, have glass defects, low filling levels and incorrectly closed twist-off caps. The containers to be examined pass through the inside of the RayBox machine in single file transported by a conveyor belt that runs the entire length of the machine. Any contaminated containers are automatically diverted from the product flow by an electropneumatically-operated blade reject system (thanks to which packages of any size can be ejected with high precision) and conveyed to a separate area.

  • Can version: all products packaged in metal cans, brick cartons, laminated brick cartons and plastic bottles
  • Panoramica version: food products packaged in glass jars and glass bottles
  • It detects contaminating agents invisible to the human eye in closed containers, even when labels and seals have been affixed to them
  • The containers are fed into the machine in single file without needing to be spaced
  • Best inspection view point for any kind of container
  • Automatic capturing and filing of the images of the rejected products for post-production analysis
  • Selection constant over time, even over 3 work shifts
  • Low maintenance costs
  • User-friendly software for ease of use and programming

Raytec’s RAYBOX is an X-RAY inspection machine able to check food products packaged in different kinds of containers.

  • The RAYBOX Can Version is an X-ray inspection machine with a stationary emission source. The source is aligned with the moving surface of the conveyor belt.
  • The RAYBOX Panoramica Version is an X-ray inspection machine with a mobile emission source. Depending on the type of container being processed, it aligns itself with the top of the container.
  • Ethernet connection for remote access is available.
  • The machine keeps statistical data on the rejected products.
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