Optical sorter with a very high resolution camera

RAYVOLUTION is an optical sorter with a very high resolution camera designed to check all kinds of industrial tomatoes (peeled and unpeeled). This type of optical sorter has the power to reject colour defects, rotten tomatoes and foreign bodies, even of the same colour as the product to be subsequently processed. The product is fed onto the inspection belt which is designed to stabilise the tomatoes to prevent them from rolling around while they are being checked: the vision area is well-separated from the ejection area in order to prevent splashes of product from jeopardising selection over the course of time.

  • All kinds of industrial tomatoes (peeled and unpeeled).
  • High production capacity: large quantities of product can be selected in a short time
  • Significant labour reduction (up to 100% depending on the application).
  • High levels of product Quality and Safety which cannot be achieved with the use of labour
  • Automatic capturing and filing of the images of the rejected products for post-production analysis
  • Selection constant over time, even over 3 work shifts
  • Low maintenance costs
  • User-friendly software for ease of use and programming

RAYVOLUTION is an optical sorting machine with high resolution cameras able to examine the product on the conveyor belt.

Rayvolution is an Octa-Chromatic machine fitted out with the following technologies:

  • NIR (Near InfraRed) technology to detect the presence of rotten matter or foreign bodies.
  • Visible Colour analysis: to detect colour defects such as green products, yellowing of the product, etc..
  • Translucence analysis to detect the presence of skins and torn or squashed tomatoes.
  • Shape analysis to eliminate tomatoes that are too small to be used in processing.
  • Ethernet connection for remote access is available.
  • The machine keeps statistical data on rejected products for the quality analysis of the raw materials selected.


  • Rayvolution can be equipped with two types of ejection system: an electropneumatically-operated blade reject system in the simpler version, or, in the 3Way option, it can be fitted with two reject systems which differentiate unusable defects from defects considered as a second product quality level.
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