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Set of tanks for the preparation and storage of the solutions used for the CIP (Cleaning In Place) of product pipes and circuits.

The CIP (Cleaning in Place) units allow to prepare, in a fully automatic way, the cleaning and disinfection solutions, to carry out the planned cycle and to verify that such a cycle has actually been carried out in the correct way.

The objective is to eliminate completely any kind of product residue from the filling plants, at the end of the shift as well as in the phase of the change of the product.

Different washing programs (product change, end of the day, weekends) are saved in the PLC. Additional programs can be easily added.

  • Beer
  • Cider
  • Sparkling and still wine
  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Equipped with a variable number of tanks with adequate capacity to sanitize the plants
  • Completely automatic operation. All parameters are constantly controlled
  • Delayed start of the CIP cycles available in the HMI: the cycles will start automatically at the required time, e.g. before a work shift begins
  • High hygiene degree
  • Tank capacity range: from 1.000 L and higher
  • Storage tanks made of stainless steel 304L or 316L, provided with a manhole in the upper part, for inspections and cleaning operations, and ultrasonic level control probes
  • Stainless steel centrifugal pumps for acid and caustic recirculation in the relevant tanks
  • Multi-scale conductivity analyzers, to control the concentration of each detergent solution
  • Pneumatic system complete with reducing valve, condensate separation filter and pressure gauge.
  • Electrical system for the connection of the different actuators and sensors. Cables are laid in cable trays for an easy inspection
  • Control switchboard in stainless steel, programmable by PLC and provided with all relevant power equipment and transformers
  • Cleaning liquid heating system, provided with:
  • Stainless steel shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Modulating valve for steam inlet adjustment
  • Temperature transmitter
  • Steam trap
  • Insulation provided upon request
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