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UHT sterilizer.

An example of CFT Group’s innovation potential and know-how in the UHT sterilization field, Stematic Long Run is, from a technological point of view, one of the most advanced and reliable aseptic processing lines built specifically for the UHT treatment of food and dairy products before the aseptic filling phase.

Product is subject to an Aseptic, Thermal and Continuous Process by means of direct steam injection. Product pre-heating and cooling is always designed according to the custom needs of the process and the services available.  Each installed line offers the additional benefit of a fully automated control and supervision system.

Strict process tests on pilot plants and research of the most effective solution in the field of milk sterilization ensure excellent performance, premium quality of the finished product and remarkable economic benefits. Stematic Long Run is protected by international patents.

  • Milk, milk cream and flavored Milk 
  • Bechamel
  • Base product for ice-cream
  • Formulated dairy product
  • Soy milk/cream (also flavored)
  • Milk/soy-based puddings and desserts
  • Whipping cream
  • High capacity (up to 40 m3/h).
  • Ability to reach very high temperature (over 150°C)
  • Ability to process viscous product (Ex. Cream, bechamel,…)
  • Continuous production cycles up to 48 hours (depending on the treated product), with intermediate cleaning. This results in low incidence of times , low costs connected to washing cycles and reduced product losses
  • Short product residence time at the sterilization temperature
  • Instantaneous product heating and cooling
  • Preservation of the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the finished product
  • Minimal phenomenon of fouling and fat separation
  • Low indice of lactulose (<150)
  • Temperature-controlled steam barriers in all critical points
  • High capacity (up to 40 m3/h).
  • Short residence time of the product.
  • Temperature-controlled steam barriers in all critical points.
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