TM Hammer Crusher

High capacity size reduction mill.

The TM Hammer Crusher is mainly used in tomato processing lines but due to its versatility and adaptable features, it is also quite successful in processing vegetables and fruits, especially for the “rubber free” system destoning fruits with pits.

  • TomatoES
  • Mediterranean fruitS WITH OR WITHOUT STONES/PITS
  • Tropical fruits
  • Maintaining a high quality of finished product throughout the primary size reduction and the subsequent refining steps.

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  • The variable speed rotating fingers penetrate the product without breaking pits, allowing the reduced pieces to pass through a perforated sheet and be collected into a stainless-steel process vessel or finisher located beneath.
  • The electric motor is directly coupled to a clutch joint installed between the hammer shaft and the electric motor drive pin.
  • Upon request, the unit can be provided with continuous steam injection or nitrogen over pressure preventing product oxidation.
  • The hammer crusher can be coupled with Giubileo cold extractor to process fruit with stones to allow a “rubber free” destoning process.
  • Different configurations are available in terms of knifes, paddles and screens to adapt the machine to different product parameters and processes.
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