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Traydry-S and Traydry-LX Batch

TRAYDRY-S e TRAYDRY-LX is a family of batch trolley dryers.

The product to be dried is spread (thin layer) on special trays that are manually loaded into stainless steel trolleys.

The trolleys are manually inserted into an insulated cabin: the doors are closed and a drying cycle begins.

A horizontal airflow hits the trays. Airflow direction is automatically reversed in order to obtain higher uniformity of drying conditions.

At the end of the cycle the trolleys are manually extracted from the cabin.

TRAYDRY-S and TRAYDRY-LX are available in 4 models ranging from 2 up to 12 trolleys, with increasing production capacity.

The models of the TRAYDRY-LX family have the following extra features with respect to the S family:

  • time-temperature programming
  • automatic moisture control of exhaust air
  • air speed regulation
  • PLC automation
  • remote control
  • Whole or diced/sliced fruits
  • Whole or diced/sliced vegetables
  • Whole leaf vegetables
  • Aromatic and medicinal herbs
  • Hygienic trays, easily washable
  • Gentle, low-temperature heat treatment thanks to large drying surface
  • Particularly suited for sticky products
  • Homogeneity of drying conditions thanks to programmable airflow inversion
  • High flexibility of operation
  • Low cost of spare parts and maintenance activities due to utilization of high quality commercial components
  • DRYING CYCLE TIME: from 10 up to 24 hours
  • Trays made of heat-resistant, food-grade plastics (proprietary design).
  • Trolleys made of stainless steel.
  • Insulated cabins with pre-painted finish and fireproof rock-wool internal lining.
  • Air heating units available: heat exchangers fed with saturated steam, electric heaters.
  • Time-temperature programmable profile (model LX).
  • Flow rate and speed of the air circulation is fixed. Air speed regulation is available upon request (model LX).
  • Adjustable air exhausts system. Automatic system available, with control of exhaust air moisture (model LX).
  • Automation system featuring PLC, PC and Touch-screen interface used to select the working cycle and to set the work parameters (recipes) in a user-friendly and intuitive way (model LX).
  • Remote control, storage of alarms and their retrieval or transfer to the management systems are available (model LX).
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