Automatic processing system for the production of fruit-based products.

CFT Group has developed

a complete and automatic processing system for the production of fruit-based products such as yogurt, bakery products, desserts, ice creams. etc.

  • Fruits/vegetables puree and concentrates
  • Jams and Jelly
  • Special products
  • High efficiency rotary coil evaporator for fruit-based jams, jelly, ice cream topping products, various syrups processing.
  • The evaporator has been designed for maximum simplicity in use and maintenance. Side supports are easily accessible and the rotary coil can be safely extracted from the evaporation vessel through rail hoist.
  • The rotary coil evaporator has been designed to operate at full vacuum, in order to better preserve product color and quality.
  • All internal surfaces can be easily reached by the washing spray balls, during automatic CIP.
  • Vessel and coil are ASME code compliant.
  • Best preservation of color and organoleptic properties thanks to the low evaporation temperature.
  • Good preservation of product chunks integrity.

CFT Group’s complete

baby food processing line delivered to our key customer “La Cesenate”.

  • The TSR machine is a continuous high-vacuum rotary coil evaporator for fruit and vegetable bases. Mixtures of products chunks with syrup can be concentrated roughly double fold, for instance 8 to 15 °brix (considering the syrup portion of the mix to remain unconcentrated during the process). The coil evaporator is equipped with its own surface condenser duly oversized to account for the large specific volume of vapor at low temperatures.
  • This plant allows:
  • to guarantee the excellent quality of the final product
  • to respect chunks integrity (in products containing diced fruit)
  • to avoid as much as possible the damage due to the thermal treatment to optimize the concentration homogeneity.
  • The evaporator has a bottom semi-cylindrical horizontal vessel, hosting the rotary coil with the vertical cylindrical separator located on top. All internal surfaces are studied to be easily cleaned and sanitized with generous radiuses and smooth surfaces
The system has been designed to concentrate raw fruit and vegetable at very low concentration temperatures (below 38°C).
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