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Traditional Turbo Extractor

Hot Break/ Cold break Extraction unit.

Turbo extractors are specifically designed for extracting and refining tomato and fruit puree and juices treated with the “Hot Break/Cold Break” technology or Zenith Chrono inactivation.
In addition, the Traditional Turbo Extractor is used for other fluid-based products requiring separation of liquid from solids. Product is fed to the TURBO EXTRACTOR where the rotor, with radial-mounted paddles, distributes the product against the perforated screen thus obtaining the separation of juice from peels, seeds and foreign matters. The required degree of refinement is obtained by using different size screens. The degree of extraction is adjusted by increasing/decreasing the rotation speed of the rotor or the residence time of product inside the machine by the paddle to screen clearance.

  • Tomato
  • Fruit
  • Vegetable
  • Juice extraction with low product emulsion
  • High Yields
  • Low moisture content of outgoing pomace
  • Small to medium production capacity
  • Capability to adjust the degree of extraction by VFD while the machine is in operation
  • Timed screen cleaning system during production adaptable to the general C.I.P. system
  • Motorization with variable speed drive (optional)
  • Construction in compliance with CE standards
  • Quick screen changeover

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  • Product emulsion due to air trapped within the product.
  • The centrifugal action of the paddles against the conical wall produces an impingement effect in the direction of product flow that helps pomace conveyance towards the expulsion channel.
  • Infeed of product located on a completely closed cover.
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