Among all the units which have contributed to CFT Group’s worldwide success, certainly the last generation of Venus evaporators represents one of the most important examples of our Group’s continuous research for new technologies, capable of ensuring the highest quality of the final products and contributing to higher profitability and competitiveness for our customers.

Originally designed for tomato juice concentration, our Venus evaporators are used throughout the food industry sectors where it is necessary to remove water from raw material and guarantee a final product with high concentration values as well as ideal organoleptic characteristics.

  • Cold Break and Hot Break tomato concentrate
  • Fruit purée and concentrates
  • All high viscosity food products
  • All overheating phenomena are eliminated, this due primarily to steam that remains englobed inside the product.
  • Lowering of the average product circulation temperatures, with considerable performance increase as well as high color and consistency values.
  • Very short product residence time inside the heat exchanger, thus protecting final product characteristics.
  • Low pressure drop and high circulation delivery capacities, up to 3.500 tons per hour of turbulent flow, together with a high heat transfer coefficient.
  • Extremely low product/steam delta T, maximum 10° C. Fouling is diminished, delivering 50 days without the need for washing.
  • Color safeguard.
  • High product viscosity.
  • Product burning is avoided due to the patented design with the heat exchanger installed on the top of the vapor separation chambers

CFT Group’s complete diced tomatoes/tomato paste lines delivered to our key customer “PRONAT”.

  • Particular geometry of the heat exchangers, composed of a high number of pipes having limited length
  • Technology based on the patented principle of downward forced flow product circulation and positioning of the heat exchanger directly on top of the vapor separation (expansion) chamber
  • Product enters the expansion chamber in the shape of small cylinders, with its surface exposed to vacuum. The product can easily free the vapors contained

The Venus series, articulated in a wide range of potentialities which fulfils market requests, includes:

  • Single effect unit
  • Double effect units
  • Triple effect units
  • Quadruple effect units
  • Working capacity: from 100 t/day up to 3000 t/day.
  • Evaporated water: from 3400 kg/h up to 102000 kg/h
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