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Highly flexible steam peeler featuring quite low peeling temperature

CFT Group’s Vesuvio Millenium peeler provides a very high-quality final product and is able to successfully deal with very difficult-to-peel tomatoes. Its flexibility enables to process up to 90 -100 t/h of fresh tomato and its overall design enables to treat the product very gently.

Depending upon the tomato variety and quality, peeling may occur in very different operational conditions by using steam only or over-heated water and steam. The peeling temperature is quite low (no more than 106 – 108 °C) if compared with older traditional techniques, allowing to preserve most of the tomatoes’ original texture and limiting energy consumption. The peeling machine VESUVIO MILLENIUM consists of the following components:

  • Flight elevator for product feeding – it is moved by an inverter power ventilated gear motor. It can be fed by a hydraulic channel or a conveyor belt for dry product transfer;
  • Rotary valve for product infeed – it is moved by an inverter power ventilated gear motor and it is designed to meter product to the peeling body. The function of this valve is to keep the pressure constant inside the scalding area.  The small amount of steam taken from the scalding area during valve rotor movement is recovered and transferred to the condenser;
  • Peeling body consisting of one pressurised chamber hosting a rotor split into sectors.  The rotor is moved by an inverter gear motor. Direct steam or a combined mix (superheated water and direct steam) is used for the scalding cycle.
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Discover CFT Group’s complete Processing Equipment for the Food Industry.

  • Very high working capacity up to 100 t/h but with turn down capability of running at low capacities
  • Possibility of overseeing holding times and temperatures according to product variety and quality
  • Reduced heat penetration into the fruit delivering excellent consistency
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