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The case packers’ series are made with a modular structure of connected units that allow the machines to use parts from their own series as well as those from other series machines (the film section, for example).

Comprised mainly of steel frame with highly-durable coating with sliding doors in the same finish and transparent polycarbonate to reduce noise and provide easy access and visibility to the machine at all times.

  • Cartons
  • Bundles
  • Compact design that applies the most advanced and reliable technology available
  • Use of the highest quality electrical and electronic components
  • Easy and quick dimension changes, without need for adjustments
  • Their simplicity, accessibility, and operator-friendly interface make them extremely easy to use with few necessary interventions in production. This greatly improves performance averages
  • These case packers are designed to be connected to a centralized network for management and processing of production data


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  • Conventional format changeovers are extremely simple, allowing even non-specialized operators to perform them. As an additional option, automatic, servo-motorized format changers are available.
  • The machine is equipped with a touch-screen that displays project status or warnings in real time.


  • Open software allows for new format creation by entering required parameters on the operator panel, without requiring technical support.
  • The machine is subject to CEE safety standards both mechanically and electronically.
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