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Zenith Chrono Concept

The Zenith Chrono Concept is an enzyme inactivation system for fruit and vegetables and it is an upgrade of Zenith Chrono’s processing range.

ZENITH CHRONO CONCEPT is the evolution of the first generation of ZENITH CHRONO enzyme inactivation systems which offers many new features; among these, an improved hygienic design, easy maintenance, a smart connection with downstream and upstream machines (Giubileo concept cold extractor and refiner), a very efficient and modular heat exchange system.

Thanks to Zenith Concept’s short processing time and anaerobic environment, this machinery group is extremely efficient in enzyme inactivation. It is available in various configurations designed, engineered and manufactured to process fruits with and without stones.

  • Mediterranean fruits (with and without stone).
  • Tropical fruits (with and without stone).
  • Elimination of undesirable color, black specks, molds, pesticides and chemical into the pulp
  • Immediate enzyme inactivation; extracted juice and puree falls directly into a hot circulating mass of product
  • High viscosity of the final product
  • Elimination of ascorbic acid to recover from oxidation
  • Defined residence time
  • Sanitation through CIP system
  • Excellent preservation of flavors and color
  • No product dilution
  • Sensitive and dependable product temperature control

Discover CFT Group’s new Zenith Chrono Concept enzymatic inactivation system!

  • Compact foot print
  • Careful attention to hygienic design
  • Modularity of heat exchangers
  • Easy maintenance
  • User-friendly management system
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Quick installation and start-up
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