Milk Processing and cheese production

Developing new technologies for the increasingly complex requirements of the milk processing and cheese production sector is something that Milk Project has been doing successfully for over 28 years, during which the company has achieved several technological advances.

Milk Project is based in Erba (Como) and specializes in the design and manufacture of turn-key equipment and machinery for milk processing and the  production of fresh cheese, semi-hard cheese, feta cheese, herb cheese, soft cheese, ricotta and mascarpone.


Milk Project solutions

Milk Project production lines are designed using a high degree of automation and are engineered in close collaboration with customers, according to their production characteristics. Customers are supported through a planning and development stage aimed at finding the most suitable and economically advantageous solutions which take account of the specific problems they face.

These solutions are then converted into complete installations, restructuring and development plans for the creation of new cheese-making facilities.

In addition, Milk Project specializes in the fine-tuning of automated systems for the production of ricotta, mascarpone, and spreadable cheeses. These technologies include automatic dispensers for the dosage of ingredients and additives which can pre-determine the characteristics of the final cheese product and achieve consistently high-quality standards.

Further studies have led Milk Project to develop high-tech production lines for semi-processed curds in 18-Kg blocks, to produce spun curd cheeses and for the sale of long-life semi-finished products, cured meats, and frozen products.

The standard industrial process for semi-finished products makes it possible to:

  • produce 50T of product per day in 14 hours (equivalent to 2,770 blocks /g. 18-kg/each)
  • achieve high-quality standards
  • increase output compared with traditional methods
  • reduce process waste
  • reduce labor costs
  • facilitate the cleaning and sterilization of the production line at the end of the process
  • ensure faster and cheaper maintenance

The efficiency of Milk Project’s technology has been endorsed by cheese producers where Milk Project production lines have been installed.


Complete plant in Turov, Belarus

In 2010, Milk Project was asked to create a new cheese factory in Turov, Belarus, as part of the government program for developing Pripyat Polesye. The aim was to transform 400t of cow’s milk per day into spun curd cheese, processed cheese, spreadable cheese, mascarpone, and ricotta.

In 2011, the equipment and machinery were delivered to the new cheese factory.

The equipment was skid mounted to reduce the amount of time it would take to install, activate and test it. It was a tremendous success!

Milk Project implemented the whole automated production line, consisting of:

  • Milk delivery, heat treatment, centrifugal separation and storage.
  • CIP cleaning systems with aseptic tanks.
  • Supply of milk to the processing rooms.
  • Supply and collection of washing solutions in automatic dispensers throughout
  • Production lines for ricotta, mascarpone, cream cheese and processed cheese.
  • Control operating unit of processing facilities
  • Project management of production lines

To finalize the delivery, Milk Project involved several Italian and overseas companies, according to their areas of specialization. The management of the production process in the new cheese factory was given to young, recently trained operators. The final checks were successfully carried out in 2013.

Today, the cheese factory processes over 500t of milk per day.

Constant attention to process automation, flexibility during the project management phase and management pragmatism:  these are Milk Project’s keys to success

that lead the company to successfully undertake different projects using innovative solutions.