CFT Academy is awarded first prize

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Training is important in all areas. Being flanked by trainers who know how to help us in this important task is fundamental.

CFT and AAC Consulting

When we created the CFT Academy, obtaining the best trainers was essential; among the many available, we chose AAC Consulting, a local professional studio just a few kilometres from our production site. AAC Consulting has helped us, is helping us at the moment and will continue to help us throughout the lengthy process of continuous training for all our employees who are engaged in the task of designing and creating our systems on a day to day basis. Our focus, however, is also towards the outside, towards our customers, who constantly manifest their trust and to whom we offer refresher and training projects dedicated to their specific needs.

The "Adriano Olivetti" Award

Adriano Olivetti was a major business figure after World War II. A person who was very different from all other entrepreneurs of the time: a firm believer that all employees could and should have free access to culture within the company and that the company should contribute with social and cultural services for its employees.

The Associazione Italiana Formatori (Italian Trainers Association) has organised the 1st National Contest for trainers addressed to training projects applied to concrete realities.

We are pleased to announce that AAC Consulting together with CFT have been awarded first place for the creation of an internal Academy within an important worldwide company.

Before the award ceremony

The city of Florence was the perfect stage for this important award. During the afternoon session of the AIF conference (Italian Trainers Association), Alessandro Chiesa (HR Manager of Ferrari) and Andrea Pontremoli (CEO & General Manager of Dallara) took the floor in a short debate moderated by Luigi Serio (Professor of the Faculty of Economics and Business Management at the Università Cattolica of Milan).

Mr. Pontremoli and Mr. Chiesa focused on the importance of creating specific vocational schools in order to create value within the company and increase the specialisation of existing staff already working for the Company. All the speakers (including those who joined the second round table) concurred on the topic of integrating the company with the territory and the existing situations: these could consist of schools of all levels up to university, but also of local institutions such as municipalities and provinces. The only way to obtain consistent results is to act as a System: Companies with Companies, Companies with local government bodies, always bearing in mind that the System is first and foremost made up of people who can bring new innovative solutions to the table.

The Award Ceremony

This first edition of the Olivetti Award was the moment when the work of many trainers in various sectors was recognised and rewarded because of its high training level. There were awards for all sectors: from the Wine to the Banking sectors, from SMEs (small medium enterprises) to One to One training projects, to local authorities and theatres and cinemas.

Our very best congratulations once again to AAC Consulting for their work and for the award they received and a "see you soon in class”.