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Parma, October 17, 2016


CFT has signed a partnership agreement with LA Machinery Srl in order to increase its manufacturing capabilities and packaging technologies


CFT SpA, a leading manufacturer of processing and packaging equipments, primarily for the food and beverage industry, has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with LA Machinery Srl, a Parma-based company operating in two plants: one focused on manufacturing of a wide range of components, such as flanges and shafts for processing applications, valve parts for fillers, gears, rolls and chucks for seamers, etc…, powered by the most advanced equipments for machining centers supplied by Overmach Group (vertical drilling, conventional milling, grinding machines, etc…); the second one focused on engineering and manufacturing of a wide range of palletizers, depalletizers and robots for multiple applications.


With this step, CFT SpA, leveraging on the manufacturing and engineering capabilities of LA  Machinery,  aims  to  increase  the  quality  of  its  products  and  the  after-sales  service level mainly related to designed spares, as well as to extend the range of its packaging solutions from low-end up to high-end products.


LA Machinery technologies related to packaging applications will be part of “CFT End of Line” Division.

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