CFT: turnover set to rise to 200 million

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With the German manufacturer Rolec taking a stake in the capital, the group has reinforced its position in the craft beer sector

When carefully scrutinised on paper, the first aspect the figures demonstrate is the scope of the growth currently taking place. They constitute the best publicity for the CFT group, which has increased its turnover by 50 % in the past five years and predicts that this will exceed 200 million in 2017. To put it plainly, besides being able to leave the debt restructuring agreement earlier than anticipated, the group is preparing to close 2016 with a turnover of 175 million and has an order book for 2017 of approximately 100 million.

But this is just the beginning. "The end goal of the project is ambitious and challenging," highlights Roberto Catelli, president of the CFT group, "as it means continuing to grow both internally and externally and being able to double current turnover within the next five years." Regarding external growth, the CFT group has just entered into an agreement for Rolec Prozess und Brautechnik Gmbh to take a majority stake in the capital, as one of the leading German manufacturers in the craft beer brewery systems sector, and certainly the most trusted by the USA. "Our strategy aims straight for diversification," explains Alessandro Merusi, CEO of the CFT group, "with Rolec, we will be able to find balance in our manufacturing of systems for the long-standing tomato sector and for the beer sector, which has been a key player in the exponential growth that has taken place in the last few years, particularly in the microbrewery niche, and continues to maintain optimum prospects for the future." In the last three years, on average, Rolec has made an annual turnover of 27 million, with optimum growth potential.

"The partnership with Rolec," affirms Merusi, "is an extraordinary opportunity for the technical and sales teams to work together and combine our process and packaging expertise with our German colleagues, to create our incredible 'one-stop-shop' that will be recognised by microbreweries the world over." The German company's stake in the capital is only the latest step in the group's external growth in 2016. An other milestone includes the acquisition of Labs, a company specialising in the design and construction of tunnel pasteurisers and receiving and cleaning systems for fruit and tomato lines. "A trajectory towards growth," Merusi concludes, "that the CFT group intends to sustain, harvesting potential opportunities both in Italy and abroad to compete in an increasingly aggressive way on the international market."

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