Our Mission

Our mission is to keep on being one of the leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment worldwide, for the Food, Liquid Food and Beverage industry. Keeping on being innovative in providing the most advanced technological solutions, flexible in creating custom-made systems, and reliable in guaranteing premium quality and service.

We strive constantly to be an increasingly more important reference point worldwide, and a trustworthy partner able to help out our customers in consolidating or improving their position on the market.




Seventy years of innovation: that’s our best business card. Strong of this experience, we translate it everyday into state-of-the-art technological solutions to meet the requirements of a constantly changing market.


We dedicate special attention to the needs of our customers by anticipating the final customers ones. Over the years, we have developed valuable know-how on various products and configurations, thanks to which we can guide our customers through the choice of the most suitable type of processing and packaging solution for their product.


Our daily commitment is to optimize and improve our offer whilst guaranteeing optimum production processes in order to satisfy even the most complex requests.


We offer our customers a proactive approach which involves the sharing of our reciprocal knowledge. We believe that the best projects and accomplishments are achieved through constant cooperation.


We thrive on challenges and know that with every extraordinary result we achieve we earn our customers trust. We need demanding customers and constant stimulus that prompt us to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our solutions.