X-ray sorter for closed containers

RayView is an X-ray inspection machine with the power to examine food products packaged in glass jars, metal cans, glass bottles, brick cartons and laminated brick cartons and plastic bottles both with a vision aligned with the bottom of the containers and with a panoramic view of the bottom of the containers.

Thanks to its mobile X-ray source, this inspection machine can detect a wide range of foreign bodies including metal, glass, ceramic, stone, Viton rubber, and eject the contaminated containers from the main flow towards a separate area. Additionally, the machine has the power to eject containers that are misshapen, that have fallen over, have glass defects, low filling levels and incorrectly closed twist-off caps.

The containers are fed into the Rayview in single file on a conveyor belt; a second belt, made of material transparent to X-rays, transports the containers to the vision area and a third belt conveys them out of the machine towards the reject area.

The Rayview is equipped with an electropneumatically-operated blade reject system thanks to which packages of any size can be ejected with high precision.

Speed of inspection belt: Up to 100 m/min

Machine length: 2890 mm

Maximum inspectionable diameter: 160 mm

Pixel size: 0.4-0.8 mm

X-ray generator power: 500 W

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