SBC Bottling & Canning, is today known as one of the major European “player” in designing, manufacturing and supply of Beverages Filling equipment, both in free-standing solution and Turn-Key plants.

SBC has developed the technology created by BC, which started to planning and manufacturing bottling machinery since 1950, when it was well known in the Wine Industry.

In 1975, the company started serving the whole Beverage Industry, adding new technologies for new products and new containers such us PET and cans getting great results worldwide.

In 2002 the company joined to the Sympak Group. In 2006 SBC together with SIMA merged in SBC Bottling & Canning Group.

After Sima joined the Catelli Holding Spa in 2007, SBC joined to Borodino Group of Companies, one of the major holding of the Russian Market.


  • Carbonated Soft Drink
  • Mineral Water
  • Beer
  • Wine e spirits
  • Fruit Juices
  • Tea & Isotonic beverage

In December 2009, SBC joined the Catelli Holding Spa, acquiring a strong role in cans filling thank to the benefit coming from the close cooperation with  seamers specialist of the groups (Sima/Comaco).