Condition-based monitoring

premium monitoring

CFT Group senior experts are at your side to check the actual condition of your assets. We can remotely monitor signs of decreasing performance or upcoming failure through specific KPIs and decide which kind of maintenance needs to be done.

These types of indicators typically leverage non-invasive measurements of parts performance compared to line/machine performance, visual inspection, and scheduled tests. Condition data can then be gathered at certain intervals, or continuously (as is done when a machine has internal sensors). The goal of condition-based monitoring is to spot upcoming equipment failure so maintenance can be proactively scheduled when it is needed, not too early or too late.

Why CFT Condition-based monitoring suits your needs:

  • It is performed while the asset is working: this lowers disruptions to normal operations
  • It reduces the cost of asset failures
  • It improves equipment reliability
  • It minimizes unscheduled downtime due to catastrophic failure
  • It minimizes time spent on maintenance
  • It minimizes overtime costs by scheduling the activities
  • It minimizes requirement for emergency spare parts
  • It reduces the chances of collateral damage to the system
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