Predictive Maintenance

The installation of our Predictive Maintenance System

enables our Senior Experts to remotely foresee machinery potential faults and support your team to manage them avoiding sudden breakdowns.

Alarm sensors and a smart interface with color coded signals, placed directly on the equipment lay out, are installed into new machinery and are easily added to existing ones in a stand-alone or integrated way. The system can be customized to send different levels of warning signals (alarm) to users on every type of device (Tablet, PC, Smartphone, HMI etc….) so that they can quickly decide how to avoid a sudden stop.

According to your needs, we help you to find the best solution either collaborating with your maintenance engineering or providing a full on-line/on-site support with our Customer Service Engineers.

Why CFT predictive maintenance suits your needs:

  • Anticipate possible damage or other cause for stop
  • Decide and plan the “stop and go” of your machine or line not disrupting your normal operations
  • Monitor the machines, lifecycle quality over time (e.g. shift by shift, maintenance operations, etc.…)
  • Plan the selective replacement of parts that are going to stop working properly
  • Easy installation of stand-alone equipment and sensors on existing assets without interventions on PLCs


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