World Processing Tomato Congress

The World Processing Tomato Congress will be held on March, 15th – 19th 2020 in San Juan – Argentina, and is by now established in the calendar of many people in the tomato processing and associated industries. This Congress will have the opportunity to attend many interesting topics related to the tomato industry, production and consumption, current market trends, technological developments and how they relate and shape the future of our industry.

Parallel to the main event will take place the 16th I.S.H.S symposium on tomato processing, where the most recent research in all branches of horticultural science will be presented.

Additionally, there will be a post congress tour which will give the opportunity to the delegates to visit Argentinian tomato fields and factories.

CFT Group is one of the sponsors of the World Processing Tomato Congress: we will be present to introduce our premium technologies in Tomato Processing Industry.

It will be an amazing opportunity to share our seventy-years long experience in this sector, and to introduce to the world our custom-tailored solutions, designed and manufactured to meet any customer specific requirements.


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