Master brewer of the month – Roberto COPPA

Let’s begin 2018 with our most famous blog column:“The Master Brewer of the month”!


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What’s your name?

Roberto Coppa


Which brewery do you work for?
Birrificio dei Castelli (CASTLES’ BREWERY)


When did you start your career as a brewmaster? Is there a particular episode you want to tell us about that period?

With the opening of the brewery I have been a founding partner since 2012. Before I was a home serial producer.

Once, I was cleaning a drum which was under pressure and, with the jet of water,  I splashed the entire ceiling.


Which is the beer you mostly like to prepare?

Extrema Ratio, because it is the beer  I’m most attached to and also because it is the most difficult to produce.


You enter a beer shop and you can only buy three different beers that are not produced in your brewery…

Which ones do you choose? And Why?

Well, the first thought is to taste mine, to control the state of conservation. I usually also buy new beers but with similar styles to those I produce.


Which is the beer you have not been able to taste yet, but can’t wait to try?

Unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell, directly in the brewery’s pouring local.


Apart from brewing, what other hobbies are you passionate about?

Sports, travels (always getting a visit to some breweries).


Is there another brewmaster you are interested in collaborating with? Who and Why?

With the guys of P3 Brewing Company. There is a mutual esteem between us, and, beyond that, they do live in Sardinia and I want to go there during summer holiday!


What advice would you give to aspiring brewers looking to pursue this profession?

To have an infinite passion, to be willing to make big sacrifices and to have a lot of patience.

Keep working hard, and you will see that you will be able to make the beer you had in your mind become reality. And you will be immensely satisfied!


Is producing beer just a technical matter or is there any room left for creativity? (motivate your answer)

90% technique, 10% creativity. About this last one you cannot do anything. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t.  It often happens that a single intuition can give the extra mile to the beer.


The soundtrack of your workday? (Max 10 songs)

Only the pumps’ music….


Among all the beers you tasted, which ones will you choose for these moments?

  • Christmas with family                                   Italian Grape Ale
  • Your birthday                                                   Rodenbach Gran Cru
  • A day at the swimming pool                        A freshly good  Pils, just out from the brewery.


If your favourite beer was a movie which one would it be? Which characteristics do they have in common?

I’m not a movie lover and this combination is particularly difficult to me ….


Which is your very first memory about beer? 

When I was a kid, my parents brought me to the village’s circle when I saw adult people drinking beer and stretching it with some cedar.  Probably this fact unconsciously changed something inside me.


Is there an expression about beer that people constantly use and that you simply cannot stand? What is it?

Yes, the classical expression and  most hated one by any brewer on this earth: “ May I have a double-malt one?” Sooner or later we will be able to make people understand that it is only a denomination under current legislation.

What is beer’s superpower?

It’s a long life elixir!


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  1. But people who produce beer, do really drink beer all day long?
  2.  We do have so little time that very often, we forget about that!


A typical greeting for our readers?

Nunc est Bibendum. (Now, it’s time to drink!)