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High performing and passionate employees

are a key success factor for CFT GROUP. The attraction, early identification, continued assessment and targeted development of talented individuals is the combined effort of employees and managers at all levels.
Our success strongly depends on our ability to develop our employees’ talent across the globe.
CFT GROUP is an internationally operating group and one of the world‘s leading manufacturer of premium equipment for the Food, Liquid food, Lube oil and Beverage sectors. Our solutions enjoy an excellent reputation and maximum awareness worldwide, thanks also to our numerous subsidiaries and agents network. Throughout our history, we have proven in many ways that we constantly strive for excellence to make a difference in our customers and employees lives.

We are convinced that real change comes from the people who advocate it: people who are committed, dedicated and passionate about what they do help create the Company’s future, the future of the sea, and their own future.

CFT group seeks people able to innovate, dynamic and strongly motivated. If you wish to work with us we will be more than happy to meet you!
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