World Food Day: what we can do for #ZeroHunger

#ZeroHunger is the theme of the World Food Day 2018


and it should also be one of the main objectives of all the players in the Food industry market.

The following numbers* are something to keep in mind:

  • 821M people in the world still suffer from hunger, even if we produce enough food for everyone
  • 70% of the world extreme poor live in rural areas. Most of them depend on agriculture
  • 45% of infant deaths are related to undernutrition
  • 151M children under the age of five years are still affected by stunting. At the same time, childhood overweight is on the rise in all regions
  • 1.9 people are overweight, 672 million of these are obese. Adult obesity is rising everywhere.



But what can we do to help achieve this ambitious goal?
CFT Group strives to maintain high standards regarding two of the main suggestions that FAO gives to everybody:
Don’t waste food” and “Produce more, with less”.


We commit to manage waste so as to favour, when possible, the recovery and the recycling rather than the disposal. Moreover, our machines are designed and constantly developed to prevent pollution, to ensure the preservation and protection of the environment and to pursue the continuous improvement of their environmental performances, trying to optimize energy consumption whilst maximizing productivity.

It’s a continuous and difficult challenge, but our planet and the entire world inhabitants deserve these great efforts.
The World Food Day is the perfect occasion to discover what everyone of us can do to give their contribute. Get involved!


Learn more about CFT Group Sustainability targets