CFT France

CFT France, also known as TECHN'AGRO, is based in Avignon and has always been linked to our historical brand Rossi & Catelli. The subsidiary has existed since 1985 to meet french customers’ specific requirements for what concerns:

  • Sale of new ranges created by the Group
  • Engineering support to customers for their specific needs
  • Sale of original CFT / Raytec spare parts. We do have a warehouse located in Avignon.
  • Concept and manufacturing of small process plants (not aseptic) or modification of existing ones in accordance with the customer's choice of commercial components
  • Manufacturing of process piping and services to the customer
  • Installation and start-up of machines and plants.
  • Training of customer personnel (training number registered in France: 93 84 03250 84)
  • Preventive maintenance service on machines and plants with specialization on: seamers, Raytec sorters, cold extractors and hot feed machines.

Today CFT France is a consolidated team (in France for 12 years and coming from Rossi & Catelli's commercial technical office) of which:
• 3 travelling sales technicians for the sale of turnkey plants and machines;
• 2 commercial for spare parts office;
• 1 travelling sales engineer for managing new systems, modifications and piping;
• 1 office assistant for commercial part and new plants, modifications and piping;
• 3 technical assemblers, tubists, welders;
• 1 service technician with specialization on seamers, cold extractors and hot refiners;
• 1 technical assistance service with specialization on Raytec sorters, cold extractors and hot passing machines, seamers;
• 1 responsible for Administration and Finance

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