CFT Group commits to prevent pollution, to ensure

the preservation and protection of the environment and to pursue the continuous improvement of its environmental performances by minimizing the risks related to activities carried out and products / services provided.

According to these commitments CFT Group aims to achieve the following targets:

  • Comply with the current legislation and with any agreements voluntarily defined regarding its significant environmental impacts;
  • Eliminate risks to human safety and environmental protection, in relation to knowledge acquired based on technical progress and, where that is not possible, minimize them, possibly by acting on the causes that generated them;
  • Adopt a plan for the prevention and management of environmental emergencies;
  • Carry out continuous control of the production process and monitor the related environmental aspects / impacts;
  • Raise awareness among suppliers of goods and services on the contents of environmental policy;
  • Communicate in a transparent manner its environmental performances to the local community and customers in order to obtain and consolidate confidence in the activities and products / services offered;
  • Rationalize the use of natural resources and energy;
  • Commit to manage waste so as to favour, when possible, the recovery and the recycling rather than the disposal.
  • CFT Group undertakes to provide the necessary technical, economic and professional resources, , so that the environmental policy targets as defined in this document are fully achieved.
  • This Environmental Policy is widespread to all levels and all team members is required to actively cooperate, within the scope of his powers, to the improvement of the Environmental Management System.
  • CFT Group ensures, through subsequent verification activities, that the policy is understood and implemented and that the targets set are pursued.