CFT Iberica

Since the beginning of the 60’s, CFT GROUP and its different companies : MANZINI, COMACO, SBC, ..., were present in the Iberian Peninsula. Today CFT Group have installed a large amount of innovative equipment in most of the leading companies in the area, from various industrial sectors. The incorporation of new companies (such as Rolec, PKS, Levati, ...) part of the Group’s ambitious growth development plan, combined with the convenience of having a professional and efficient local technical service, has made it necessary to create CFT Ibérica.


CFT Ibérica’s first goal is to provide 360° Service: starting with efficient consultancy for the study and preparation of new projects - from the launch to the follow-up, as well as installations start-up and after-sales technical assistance. Technical sales advisors, project coordinators, spare parts and after sales technicians: a highly skilled team with a great know-how of the different industrial sectors in which CFT GROUP operates.

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