The top Management, in order to maintain

and increase the full satisfaction of CFT Group’s customers, has set itself the target of ensuring the supply of functional, safe, reliable products and prompt and flexible continual services, to meet their requirements and aiming at overcoming their own expectations.


For this purpose, the Management considers it essential that the business areas, at all levels, coordinate and intensify their activities to ensure both the proper integration of business processes and the efficiency with which they are carried out, in supporting the Managements as follows:

  • Plan, implement and continually improve a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 concerning the activities of design, construction and installation of machinery and systems for the processing and packaging of tomato, fruit and other pumpable products.
  • Generate positive economic results through the analysis of data and information in line with the strategic objectives set by the Board of Directors.
  • Promote the creation of new products and the revision of those being part of the existing portfolio in order to meet the end user’s evolving needs.
  • Spread within the Company, through education and training, the culture of quality and the knowledge of the objectives and the means they are connected with, by stimulating the trend towards the continual improvement of the overall performances and using the instruments of quality for faster business integration process in course
  • Obtain active and collaborative involvement of all personnel performing activities relevant to the quality and reliability of the products developed
  • Identify, evaluate and involve the Suppliers, by establishing a relationship of manual trust and cooperation so as to ensure the systematic compliance and the continual improvement of the quality requirements of the product or service purchased as well as of the required delivery terms.
  • Comply with the requirements of the Customer as well as with legal requirements or those falling within the coordinated fields related to products, process and activities.

The Quality Management System is the key organizational tool that has been planned and implemented in order to achieve the objectives of quality expressed and is periodically reviewed to verify its adequacy and effectiveness.


CFT Group is a proud member of ABMI

The Association is composed of European manufacturers of beverage machinery active in Europe. The purpose of this Association is to provide an exchange point for communication and cooperation within the manufacturing industry in the areas of quality, security, elaboration of recommendations etc. This will benefit the whole industry and the end consumers.

In essence, the Association’s purpose is:

  • the promotion of higher quality standards;
  • the promotion of security and safety at the workplace;
  • the promotion of development and improvement of ecological material and production methods;
  • the cooperation with standardization authorities;
  • the cooperation with scientific research institutions and the assistance to science and research in the field of the beverage packaging industry for the benefit of consumers and the environment;
  • the increased accessibility to safe beverages by more consumers worldwide.

The documents and the information presented on this website are non-binding recommendations by the Association of the Beverage Machinery Industry (ABMI). The ABMI will not be held liable for their use or for the results of their use.