CFT Group offers two different evaporation technologies for the Food Industry.

The first one is based on MRV (Mechanical Recompression Vapour), which represents one of the best technologies to develop a first-rate concentration process with a high energy recovery of heat-sensitive products, both fibrous (like hot and cold break tomato juice or citrus fruits), and clear (like fruit juices, milk and other dairy products).

The second one is based on D.F.F. (Downward Forced Flow product circulation) and represents one of the most important examples of CFT Group continuous research for new technologies, capable of ensuring the highest quality of final products and contributing to higher profitability and competitiveness on the market, together with maximum reliability.

Falling film multiple effect with TVR technology.
Falling film MVR Evaporator. The falling film M.V.R. (Mechanical Vapor…
Multiple effect evaporator by means of mixed circulation
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