Formulated products

Single machines and complete lines for the preparation of formulated products. Mixers, cookers, sterilizers, pasteurizers and aseptic fillers.

Our state-of-the-art cooking and mixing solutions allow our single machines and complete formulation lines to achieve the best results in the production of ragout, mayonnaise, hummus, jams, sauces, baby food and other formulated products. CFT Group’s experience in the manufacturing of equipment for the Food industry has led the company to design and manufacture very efficient mixing and cooking systems with the most advanced technologies, able to offer a great production flexibility.

Our production lines allow to process liquid and homogenized food as well as food with particles.

Our range of machineries includes three of the most innovative solutions in the Formulation field:

  • The Vulcano Mixer and Cooker
  • The Titano Rotary Coil
  • The Saturno Mixing Tank

The cooking kettle Vulcano, specifically engineered and designed for the production of sauces, ragout and other formulated food products, has been designed to have one single vessel where it is possible to process different operations:

  • Mixing;
  • Frying;
  • Dehareation;
  • Cooking (pressure vacuum cooking);
  • Milling;
  • Concentration (under vacuum);

The machine capacity can reach up to 3,500 liters/Batch and is characterized by the following technical features:

  • Unique ratio of heating surface to volume which ensures fast cooking capabilities and reduced processing time;
  • Optimal product mixing and uniform processing temperatures thanks to the special agitator featuring counter-rotating technology controlled by frequency converter;
  • The loading of solid ingredients takes place through the wide opening located on the top which allows the use of automated loading systems. The cooking kettle closes automatically at the end of each loading operation by Means of a powered lid thus allowing the subsequent operations to be carried out in a closed environment free from outside contamination.
  • The excellent finishing of internal surfaces and the special screwless and springless connection between scrapers and shaft ensure easy cleaning and reduced washing time.
  • Available sizes: 1,000 – 1,500 – 2,000 – 3,400 liters

The Titano Rotary Coil represents an innovative and automatic processing system for the production of fruit-based products such as jams, jelly and fruit-based desserts. The main unit of this machine is composed of a jacketed vessel operating with hot or cold water, and a rotary coil heat exchanger located inside. The rotary coil causes agitation and mixing while heating with hot water or steam or cooling when operated with water or chilled water. The unit is mounted on a platform to guarantee an easy access for the operator.

All the technological phases, starting from ingredient feeding, are processed inside this vessel. All set-up and process phases related to the final product are set by a simple and user-friendly automation interface.

This equipment is able to guarantee the following benefits:

  • Excellent product quality;
  • Ideal for batch evaporation;
  • Dice integrity (in products containing diced fruit);
  • Large surface area for efficient heating/cooling;
  • Minimal product losses

The Saturno Mixing Tank is the perfect solution for the blending or for the storage / buffer of liquid and viscous food preparations.

Further uses include powder mixing and blending of liquid food products.

Saturno, through its delicate manufacturing process, allows the final customers to obtain the following benefits in the processing phase;

  • High level of integrity (in products containing diced fruit);
  • Fast and homogeneous mixing;
  • Uniform temperature distribution

Furthermore, the range of machines is available in different size ranges; from 500 liters up to 10, 000 liters.