Milk processing and Cheese

Complete lines and single machines for the dairy sector, including machinery for processing raw milk, powdered milk, whey and all types of cheese.

Thanks to our historical brand Rossi e Catelli long-term know-how and expertise in the Milk and Dairy sector, we are able to handle dairy products and non-dairy alternative drinks. CFT Group can supply integrated solutions starting from evaporation and sterilization, passing through pasteurization, along with all the upstream and downstream complementary processing equipment, up to final packaging.

Any customer requirement can therefore be answered through one single supplier with proven expertise in the reference sector.

CFT Group’s know-how is founded on comprehensive research and development. Before being launched onto the market, most of our own new machines and lines are tested full-scale at leading dairy companies worldwide. In CFT Group we are extremely proud of keeping deep relations with our customers. In fact, most of our new business comes from satisfied customers who want to enlarge their production capacity, upgrade their existing plants, or invest in new processes. With our experience, gained through years of research and commitment in the Milk and Dairy sector, we stay at the forefront of the dairy process business worldwide, also supported by local representatives all over the world.

Starting from our premium range of pre-concentration and evaporation solutions, passing through our specifically engineered UHT sterilization systems up to our ultra-clean packaging technologies, we provide our customers with complete turnkey lines specifically dedicated to the Dairy sector.




  • Milk Reception
  • Raw Milk Storage
  • Pasteurized Milk Storage
  • Milk and Cream Pasteurization
  • Homogenization
  • Cold Separation
  • Milk re-combining and formulation



  • Evaporation (MVR / TVR)
  • UHT Heat Treatment
  • Indirect Heat Treatment (Olimpic FT, TC, SR)
  • Steam Injection (Stematic)
  • Mix (Stemix)
  • Deaeration



  • Filling of UHT Products (bags filling)
  • Can filling and seaming of condensed milk
  • End of line and robotic systems

Furthermore, thanks to the recent acquisition of the MIlk Project brand, CFT Group is now able to offer high-technology turnkey plants as well as single machines specifically dedicated to the Processed Cheese sector. Thanks to the above acquisition, CFT Group has added to its wide range of portfolio a complete range of machines specific for Cheese and Spreadable Cheese industry, such as cradle and circular vats, cheese overturn systems, dosing and molding systems and mechanized tunnels and tracks.