Weight Fillers

Automatic rotary fillers featuring weight technology specifically engineered for the Food and Beverage industry. They are considered particularly suitable for the filling of edible oil.

Our Weightech machines are designed for filling of edible oil as well as sauces and juices. This range is able to reach the maximum filling accuracy in any condition and allows a continue and non-stop filling cycle. These machines feature an extreme high reliability and low maintenance costs since all the electronic components are easily located in the top section of the machine.

Weightech E

Speed from 3.500 up to 33.000 CPH. Automatic rotary weight filler.
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Weightech E

Weight filler machine. It is specifically designed for edible oil as well as sauces and juices.

Weightech E

PRODUCTS: edible oil, viscous products, sauces, juices

FORMATS: glass bottles, pet bottles, glass jars



  • Different weighing algorithms allow to reach the maximum accuracy in any condition
  • Possibility to continue the production excluding one valve in case of valve or weighting cell fault
  • High reliability and low maintenance costs
  • All electronic components are commercial standard components and are located within an easy access place at the top of the machine, in ventilated areas with possibility of air conditioning to work at high temperatures
Weightech E

CFT Group’s weight filler specific for Edible Oil and Lube Oil sectors!